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Explore Japanese Arts & Spiritual Paths

Below are links to websites and social media that offer authentic and accurate information about a wide variety of traditional Japanese arts, spiritual paths, and forms of meditation. While the Internet is a wonderful resource, not everything found online about such disciplines is legitimate and well informed. The sites below are trustworthy. 

Michi Publishing: An independent press focusing on Japanese arts, culture, and meditation. The source for books by H. E. Davey and other select authors.

The Sennin Foundation Center for Japanese Cultural Arts: A California based center offering classes in Japanese yoga, healing arts, martial arts, and fine arts. Founded by H. E. Davey in 1981.

International Japanese Yoga Association: A Kyoto based association representing Nakamura Tempu's revolutionary Japanese yoga and meditation, with members around the world. Free journal subscription and membership is offered to the public.
East Bay Japanese Calligraphy Association: An Oakland, California based private shodo club originally lead by Kobara Ranseki. The current instructors are H. E. Davey and Miyauchi Somei, his senior students.

Shudokan Martial Arts Association: An international alliance of Japanese and Western martial arts experts devoted to preserving traditional judo, jujutsu, aikido, karate-do, iaido, and more. 

H. E. Davey's Amazon Author Page: Learn about the many paperbacks and ebooks authored by H. E. Davey


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