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Shodo Art for Collectors & Businesses

H. E. Davey can be commissioned to create one of a kind Japanese calligraphic art for your home or office. All commissioned art is delivered in a traditional Japanese wood and glass frame. It's typically brushed on a classical shikishi. A shikishi is stiff, premounted paper for painting works intended for display. They are about 8 inches by 7 inches.


Artwork can also be created in the form of kakejiku, a hanging scroll of varying lengths and widths. Mr. Davey's Japanese calligraphy is typically mounted and turned into a scroll in Japan, so the time and cost for creating a kakejiku is more.

H. E. Davey's Japanese calligraphy resides in the personal collections of art aficionados around the world, but he has also worked with local businesses and international corporations to give birth to world class Japanese brushwork for commercial purposes. His artwork has been commissioned for brochures, magazine illustrations,  sake bottle labels, websites, and much more. His clients have included everyone from mom and pop stores to San Francisco's famed Asian Art Museum. Mr. Davey's commercial art is commonly unframed to allow for digital scanning. 

Scroll down and send email to Art of Shodo to commission  shodo art for your collection or business. Turn around time and cost is decided on a case by case basis. 


A Word from the Artist

I can be commissioned to create professional quality shodo art for personal and commercial use. You can learn more about this service at Art of Shodo. Soon you'll also be able to buy top quality prints of some of the artwork found in my books on this website.


Art of Shodo provides information about Japanese calligraphy, my resume, and an opportunity to purchase shodo works that are legitimately fine art, which isn’t always what’s sold to the Western public. Many people can write in Japanese but that doesn’t make them calligraphic artists nor does it make their creations shodo art, even if they use a traditional brush. Using a brush to write Japanese characters on paper doesn’t inevitably equal fine art. The person wielding the brush needs extensive, legitimate training. The artwork must be created on good quality paper and be mounted and framed appropriately.

This should come together seamlessly to give birth to art as opposed to characters awkwardly brushed in ink on cheap paper. The art may be created in a few minutes, but the short creation time isn’t an indication of value or monetary worth. Those few minutes should be the culmination of years of hard work. When you buy top quality art, you’re paying for those years—even decades—of effort and the skill that results from it.

Purchase quality Japanese calligraphy if you want the art to positively influence your subconscious as mentioned in my book Secrets of the Brush: Life Lessons from the Art of Japanese Calligraphy. Cheap brush writing by poorly trained “calligraphers” doesn’t have the same visual or psychological impact. Bona fide shodo art may cost more, but it will also more effectively uplift and inspire you each time you view it. It’s money well spent.

That said, while my commissioned, original works of art aren’t sold cheaply, it will soon be possible to buy high quality, Giclée prints through Art of Shodo that are the culmination of my lifetime of meditation and shodo training. You'll simply select artwork in the Gallery to order a print using PayPal or a major credit card.

H. E. Davey

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